When I first heard that Jennifer Lopez would be on American Idol I thought to myself “she can’t even sing, how can she judge contestants?” After a couple of episodes of star struck hopefuls I was sure that it wasn’t J.Lo’s voice that left them in awe but maybe her poise, beauty and spirit. She broke down crying after letting go of my favorite American Idol contestant Chris Medina. He has the most touching story of any and all American Idol seasons.Though his journey ended on American Idol I am sure a major record label will snatch him up and fans will be right there waiting for the release of his album. Before telling Medina that he didn’t make it into the Top 24, she complimented his manhood and then cried like a baby when he left.

He granted an interview where he said:

A lot of people were sad to see you go. How did you feel about the way things turned out?

“I thought that the judges nailed it pretty much on the head. They kind of had a good explanation as to why I was being released. I think they got it right. With the talent that’s there, I kinda felt like I was gonna go home before they even said it.”

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J-Lo’s First “No” On American Idol [VIDEO]

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