50 Cent has been known to be a trouble maker in the music industry and it may be easier to pick his top ten beefs, but it is just as easy to pick 50 Cent’s top 10 songs. After dealing with industry politics and the politics of the streets, 50 Cent found himself along side Eminem dominating the rap game. Check out the top 10 50 Cent songs below.

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“In Da Club”–  They say any song that’s simple and catchy and it doesn’t get any simpler than:  “Go Shorty, it’s your birthday we gone party like its your birthday.” After releasing several hot mixtapes on the streets, this track may have certified 50 Cent as a legit maker. Dr. Dre‘s beat had such a perfect bounce that folks that it was meant for “Detox.”

“What Up Gangsta”– The follow-up track after the intro on “Get Rich Or Die Trying” was the perfect aggressive track to start the album.  The beat dropped with such force that you knew he meant business from the jump. What makes this one of 50’s  best is that he basically laid it down that he wanted problems. Hate him or love him you would not ignore him!

“Many Men (Wish Death)” – The song told the story of how and why people hate on another individual working hard to get to the top. This worked so well because 50 Cent was an underdog, but ironically he is the one now looking to end careers.

“I Get Money”–  During the battle with Kanye West on who would sell the most records, this was the track that put life into the “Curtis” album. The shocker was getting Diddy and Jay-Z on the remix, one of 50 Cent’s many great ideas,  along with sampling the classic Audio Two’s “Top Billing.” There was also some controversy about the beat being extremely similar to Cassidy‘s  2005 hit “I’m A Hustler.”

“Candy Shop“- Featuring Olivia (who was once the First Lady of G-Unit), this has to be 50 Cent’s most commercial song to date.  When we say commercial, we mean the sound had to be the most pop 50 Cent has ever gone. The chart topper helped 50 Cent sell over 1 million albums during its first week release of  “The Massacre.”

“Window Shopper”– The “Get Rich or Die Tryin” soundtrack is where 50 Cent got to do what he does best;  stuntin’ on ’em and taunting people.

“How 2 Rob” featuring D-Dot aka The Mad Rapper This song was what got 50 Cent noticed in the public and industry. Any song about how to rob actual rappers and R&B singers would get attention, but 50 Cent caused a frenzy with this one by naming names of real people. A few people even made response records.

“21 Questions” – “21 Questions” is one of 50 Cent’s best ballads. As soon as that Barry White guitar lick kicks in you know where things are headed. Yes, his first album was probably his best but this was a big reason why.

“Ayo Technology” Featuring Justin Timberlake on “Ayo Technology” helped keep the album “Curtis” alive after releasing several singles that did not grab the attention of the people.

“Wanksta”- The second single off the “8 Mile” soundtrack coining the term “Wanksta” as someone who does a lot of fronting, who isn’t what they claim to be. The hood began using this term for a while and some people possibly still do. Word was this term was created to describe his rival Ja Rule.


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