In case you were wondering where your order is and when you would receive your coveted Lil’ Kim Black Friday Mixtape, take a breather because it is packed up and ready for shipping. Lil’ Kim in all of her glory sat down with Sway last night on Ustream for the most intimate interview she has done since going to jail. Kim seems to think that Nicki Minaj should have formally asked her permission to bite her style. While I don’t agree with the whole Nicki Minaj/Lil’ Kim beef I do understand that Nicki should have been more forthcoming with “borrowing” Kimmy’s swag. Non-the-less Kim is making herself look desperate and like the Michael Jordan of baseball.

“I did an interview recently with this guy and he said to me,”Well you know Kim everybody borrows from everybody.” Yeah, but borrowing is just what it is. If I borrow your scarf, aren’t I supposed to ask you or get permission from you or see if it’s okay? If I just take it then I’m stealing especially if I don’t acknowledge it’s yours. That’s all but that’s not the basis of this situation. With homegirl, it’s deeper than just paying homage. I don’t understand how people say “Well come on, how many times is she suppose to pay homage?” Let’s be real, that is not what this is about. If people do their homework, I did a song with her and Baby. It was suppose to be for Baby’s album but he never put it out on the album that went out. One of the main reasons was because after they put it on iTunes a lot of people were like “Oh, Kim killed it…Kim that,” which I guess it over shadowed her. You know my thing is, you’re gonna get that in the industry; just keep going and do you.”

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