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Written & produced by Caktuz, this dark track is reminiscent of a lost Mackaveli song.

Touching on a very profound subject, such as damnation, Caktuz ‘sing-songs’ his way through religious analogies and overtones, for this weeks #OverTheWallWeds. installment.

“This kinda music reminds me of how we grew up in The Point” says Caktuz recalling his hometown of High Point, NC. “You question the real motive behind your existence in a town where the most some ever aspire to be is a factory worker w/ a helluva benefits package.”

Inspired to write the song after reading Anne Rice’s Memnoch The Devil, (a story where the main charater, The Vampire Lestat, is approached by the Devil and offered a job at his side.) Caktuz says he related to the devils plight in the story. “Memnoch was trying desperately to change his fate. His curiosity with man’s fate lead to too many doubts in God’s plan, until it frustrated God enough to make Memnoch into heavens adversary until the end of mankind. This in turn was supposed to show give people an example of the opposite of Gods light. Sorta like reverse psychology”

“I thought, if that’s true, then the Devils fate was already sealed” Caktuz goes on “much like how most thugs believe their dice have been casted. Our lives and relationship with God are always extremely perverse, but no one finds our story that profound. This is for the faces at the bottom of the well” SOURCE

Profound words indeed. Check it out


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