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If you walk around the streets of New York and ask who was the best to ever do it in hip hop, you will get all kinds of crazy answers, but the most common answer might be The Notorious B.I.G., who most say is the best dead or alive.  Biggie only gave the world two albums in his rap career but his presence in the rap game has earned him a legacy that will live on forever. Here is our list of Biggie’s 10 greatest and why.

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Juicy– The Poke from Trackmasters & Sean Combs produced lead single off “Ready to Die,”  sampled from Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit” and the chorus was sung by Bad Boy’s female R&B group Total. Biggie speaks on coming into the rap game, giving you a more detailed look into his phrase “Ashy to Classy.” There was some controversy about the single when Pete Rock made claims that Diddy had stolen the beat from him after a visit to discuss work on the album.

Party and Bullshit – The fourth single from the soundtrack of the 1993 movie Who’s The Man, Biggie was on his road to riches during this time.   The track was inspired by the song “When the Revolution Comes” by The Last Poets caused some friction since their music was about consciousness and this particular song was about getting people off their asses. Biggie took it and made it a party, The Last Poets did not take that too well.

What’s Beef– On the 8th track on Disk One of Life After Death, Biggie takes you through a street 101 course of knowing exactly what real beef is. He delivers the mafia rap style as he tells you a story and teach you a lesson of the code of the streets at the same time. Diddy adlibs add to the excitement of  the song and the beat is as code as the topic of the song.

You’re Nobody Till Somebody Kills You– The conclusion to “Life After Death” gives you chills as Diddy introduces the song with a prayer. The track almost allows you to believe that inside Biggie’s head he already knew what was going to happen to him and that he knew what it would be like after he was gone.

Flava In Ya Ear– Biggie stole the show on the Easy Mo Bee produced cut with an all star cast. His delivery and flow was vicious enough to outshine LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes. With no hesitation Biggie had the best verse on the track. His delivery said “I am hungry” and his flow said “I came to take the game.” Biggie lived up to that verse.

Fucking You Tonight ft. R-Kelly – “Fucking You Tonight” tells the story of how it’s going down without the wine and dine. Biggie tells his lady how there will be no pampering tonight because he will be getting straight to the point.

Who Shot Ya– Makes you literally wanna get up and do your best Puff Daddy dance ever. The track was nothing less than real hip hop that just got you amped from the start to finish.  Unfortunately, the track fed into the rumor that Biggie had set up the Tupac shooting in 1995.

10 Crack Commandments–  This been redone multiple times even by the ladies of hip hop and still remains relevant to  the lesson he was teaching us. Biggie gave a how to sell drug for dummies lesson using the sample from Public Enemy’s “Shut Em Down.”

One More Chance Remix– Maybe one of the most classic hip hop & R&B tracks of the 90s. When you add Faith Evans and Mary J Blige vocals together on one track, the only thing that can happen is magic.  I personally still get that same feeling when that Debarge sample beat drops as if I heard it for the first time. The classic music video which featured everyone relevant in hip hop at the time added to making this the classic it is today. “Her flight leaves at eight/Her flight lands at nine my game just rewinds…”

Gotta Story To Tell Taking the classic approach of Slick Rick, Biggie introduces his story to his crew and gives them details on how a good time with a bad chick turned into a robbery. With another classic sample from Al Green’s “I’m Glad You’re Mine” Biggie kills the beat as his flow is right on point bar for bar.

I Love The Dough ft. Jay-Z– The Easy Mo Bee produced track featuring Angela Winbush, contains a sample from “I Love You More” by Rene & Angela. One of few dope collabos from Jay and Biggie before he left, the two did Brooklyn justice making it clear why they are praised for their craft. With Jay-Z’s swagger and Biggie’s incredible word play this was more than just an album cut but single material.

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