The teenagers of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, or Odd Future for short (or OFWGKTA to get really lazy) have landed on the cover of Billboard Magazine, officially signaling to their fans that the secret is out. The cover is a major feat for a group of kids who have only released their music for free on the internet, and rap about the most depraved subjects sans apology.

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The group officially went from internet phenomenon to industry darlings after their February appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon where group members Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats ran around the set performing the song “Sandwitches.”

In a recent interview with, SRC Records founder Steve Rifkind, aka the man who signed the Wu-Tang Clan, Big Pun and Mobb Deep, has his eyes fixed on the group right now.

“Somebody called me today and said you’ve got to sign [OFWGKTA],” he said. “And then you guys bring them up to me just now…I saw some videos for the first time this morning and I saw when they did the Jimmy Fallon show, I’m going after them hard. I think they’re brilliant. I don’t anything a comparison about Wu-Tang. I can see maybe because the music is just so raw, but what I saw I just fell in love with.”

OFWGKTA’s de facto leader Tyler The Creator recently signed a one-off album deal with XL Recordings for the release of his forthcoming solo album, Goblin.  Group member Mellow Hype has also signed a deal with independent label Fat Possum Records.

OFWGKTA will be performing at Billboard’s showcase at this year’s SXSW festival in Texas.

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