It is that time of year again. Brackets are filled out all over the country and bragging rights (and money) hinge on the play of kids not old enough to legally drink.


number of teams in this year’s NCAA tournament, expanded from 64.

Not sure how I feel about this. The tournament started a day early and it seemed like those four games were an afterthought. The selection committee still got blasted for snubbing three schools who were thought to be deserving of a bid.


amount of points the Portland Trailblazers beat the Cleveland Cavaliers by in a 111-70 pounding on Mar 17th. The Blazers lead this game 24-2 at one point.

Marcus Camby (left)’ s reaction sums up perfectly what a laughingstock the Cavaliers have become. How in the world did the Knicks lose to this team three times?

11, 12 & 13

the seeds of Gonzaga, Richmond (above right) and Morehead State (above left) who pulled off upsets of #6 seed St. John’s, #5 seed Vanderbilt and #4 seeded Louisville respectively on the first full day of NCAA tournament play.

You can always anticipate a 12 seed beating a 5, but anyone who said they had Morehead State beating Louisville is either an alumni or hates Rick Pitino.


former Duke players (Bobby Hurley, Jr. and Grant Hill, left) who have spoken out against the harsh comments made by former University of Michigan stars Jalen Rose and Jimmy King about Duke in the documentary “The Fab Five”.

Calling Grant Hill an “Uncle Tom” was extreme, but I think Rose clearly stated that he had an issue with the school’s system of recruiting and resented of Hill’s two-family household as opposed to his “deadbeat dad” experience not Grant Hill the person. I applaud Rose’s honesty and I also understand why Hill would be upset.


current seed of the Chicago Bulls in the Eastern Conference as of March 18th, the latest in the season they have been number one since a guy named Jordan led them to their sixth championship in 1998.

No one will ever be Jordan, and I am at the front of the stop crowning NBA players “the next” anything wagon, but D-Rose has got the MVP endorsement from “His Airness” and has Jordan believing the Bulls can repeat what he did for the franchise.  Can’t take that praise lightly.


Should College Athletes Get Paid?

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