The owners of the Whiskey Tango Bar & Grill in Hollywood, FL are learning that being cocky does not pay.  In fact, their cockiness has cost them $85,000.

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But how?

The bar announced in October that for every time that the Miami Heat lost a game, the bar would offer its patrons a $25 credit. However, in order to claim the credit, patrons must arrive at the bar 30 minutes before tip-off and stay through the remainder of the game. 21 Heat losses later, the bar has found themselves out of $85,000.

“I need to get in touch with LeBron and ask him for a bailout,” bar co-owner John Todora told CNBC.

Even though Todora said much of the city has already given up the team, he is still pouring out potential profits. After a five-point loss to the Knicks on Feb. 27, Todora handed out $5,600 in free bar bills to fans, topping the $4,000 he gave back to fans for the Heat’s loss to the Celtics on opening night.

If there’s a saving grace, Todora says it’s the rule that stipulates that fans must stay until the very end.

“Some true Heat fans can’t stand it and leave early, other people figure the money isn’t worth being tired at work the next day and I think some people are just drunk and just forget,” Todora said.

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