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Last night Vh1 aired part 2 of the Basketball Wives Reunion and to many peoples dismay the girls showed their true tacky/ghetto colors.

Dear AskAHoodRat,

Did you catch Part 2 of the Basketball Wives Reunion last night? Sh*t got real! I thought Tami was going to spazz out and beat everybody’s a** but little ol’ Royce Reed ripped Evelyn a new hoe hole. She was up there shaking her a** like she had no class and or self-worth so I can’t give her too much props. Then Evelyn looking like a scarecrow had the nerve to try to justify her hoeish antics, do you think the reunion made black women/ women in general look bad?


Hey Anonymous,

H*ll yeah the reunion made us look bad. That sh*t was a mess all around! First of all VH1 had John Salley retired old-head self up there looking pervy and like a recovered alcoholic Susie a** was still apologizing–b*tch shut yo’ scary azz up [Sips Four Loko] Evelyn dun’ threatened you, pushed you, ambushed you and embarrassed yo snitching self all over national television, F*** her! And Royce, smhlmmfao gurl you don’t admit that you got the fake sh*t on, it look real–you good! But I can rock with your message “No it’s not a Herve dress but I still look good, I don’t have to spend $3,000 to look good!” I don’t know who the Herve is but you damn right you don’t need to spend that much on a dress, you can get something cute from Rainbow’s and keep it moving. Evelyn boo boo, yous a ignant’ hoe, like Royce said “Keep ya legs closed” what kinda message are you trying to send to the little ones? Ew, I ain’t never have sex with a man on the first date(unless he got me and my b*tches mad drinks at the club-he deserve it then). Gloria, oo gurl wea you get that dress from? how much was it? and don’t worry about what Shaunie has to say about Matty, maybe you deserved a slap(Did you talk about his momma?); ya’ll still getting married rite [Pauses Nicki Minaj C.D]? Shaunie was up there trying front like ya’ll was bestfriends- PALEEESEEE you stick by yo’ man and ya fam[Lol–I could be a rapper]. Between Royce’s mosquito bite breasts and Evelyn flaunting her Puerto Rican skank meat for all the world to see, that reunion was just B.S; Evelyn I should slap you for taking one of our last good black men. First Kim had Ray then had Reggie now you got OchoCinco fine a**, smh. And fill your forehead in, get a bang or something! These hoes is crazy, I’m going on twitter-Deuces (Chris Brown Voice)!

P.S-Jennifer Williams, you look better naked.

How did ya’ll feel about the reunion?

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