Over the course of Nate Dogg‘s career, he appeared on songs by everyone from Mariah Carey to Tamia to Snoop Dogg to Mos Def to Ludacris.  Nate had an uncanny ability to create the most perfect sing-songy hooks and verses that music fans all over the world couldn’t help but sing along to.

Here are our top 10 Nate Dogg guest appearances.

Note: “Regulate” did not make this list as Warren G & Nate Dogg shared equal billing on the track.  These are all “featuring Nate Dogg” songs.

10. Dr. Dre “Xxplosive” (1999)

Misogynistic as all hell, but we’ll be damned if “Xxplosive” wasn’t one of the highlights of Dr. Dre’s second album, 2001. Nate Dogg follows up Kurupt’s explosive (no pun intended) opening verse with one of his most memorable. Extra points for the reference to his undeniably classic appearance on Snoop Dogg’s “Ain’t No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None).”

9. Mista Grimm “Indo Smoke” (1993)

Mista Grimm enlisted Nate and Warren G to guest on this track from the soundtrack to the Janet Jackson/2Pac flick Poetic Justice. The song was one of the first singles Nate Dogg appeared on and was his first appearance on the Billboard charts.

“Are you high yet?”

8. 2Pac “All About U” (1996)

This track from 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me rode smoothly over a replayed version of Cameo’s 80’s classic “Candy,” but wasn’t official until Nate Dogg jumps on the song’s hook making it song that people still sing along to in clubs.

“Every other city we go, every other video, no matter where I go, I see the same hoes…”

7. 50 Cent “21 Questions” (2003)

We’ll keep it 100 with you guys. We weren’t really feeling 50 Cent much when Get Rich Or Die Trying came out, but there was no way we could deny “21 Questions.” 50 & Nate Dogg singing over a chopped up Barry White sample might seem like a recipe for hilariousness, but this song was hot in 2003, and is still on fire in 2011.

6. Pharoahe Monch & Mos Def “Oh No” (2000)

Nate Dogg popping up on a Pharoahe Monch & Mos Def song during the height of Rawkus Records’ underground reign made many a backpacker scratch their head, but one listen to “Oh No” and the collaboration made complete sense.

“Guess who just stepped in the back door…”

5. Fabolous “Can’t Deny It” (2001)

Fab and Nate Dogg gave a nod to 2Pac on Loso’s debut single, “Can’t Deny It” from way back in 2001. Nate’s sing-songy hook sold this record and helped launch Fab’s career.

4. Ludacris “Area Codes” (2001)

Hands down our favorite non-Dre/Snoop/Death Row related Nate Dogg hook. We’ve had this hook stuck in our head for days on end before. Seriously. And we weren’t mad at all…

“I got hoes… in different area codes…”

3. Snoop Dogg St. Ides Commercial (1994)

It was only a minute long, but Nate Dogg’s intro to this commercial for St. Ides malt liquor is a bonafide classic. Walk into a room full of knowledgable hip-hop fans and sing “Just hit the corner store…” and we guarantee you 90% of the room will finish the line for you.

2. Dr. Dre “The Next Episode” (1999)

Dr. Dre saved Nate Dogg for the end of this track from 2001. Just as you think the song is about to end Nate announces “Hold up! Wait!” and proceeds to put his stamp on the track. Another guaranteed sing-a-long in the club!

“Hey-hey-hey-hey! Smoke weed every day!”

1. Snoop Dogg “Ain’t No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None)” (1993)

Hands down, this is the greatest thing Nate Dogg ever recorded. Despite it’s overly vulgar and misogynistic sentiment, it’s hard to find anyone that hasn’t sang along to this song at least once. This song cemented Nate Dogg’s place in hip-hop and in our hearts. We’re gonna miss you Nate!

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