Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and for many people across the world, that means it’s a day to get sloppy drunk and do lots of things that you’ll regret-slash-forget the next morning.

Before you start partaking in your drinking of choice, we put together a playlist to guide you through your day of boozing it up.

1. Mobb Deep “Drink Away The Pain” (feat. Q-Tip)

Life is hard sometimes.  We completely understand that.  Sometimes you need to just feel the need to go out and drink a few just to forget about stress at work, or your rocky relationship, or whatever is troubling you.

2. Young Black Teenagers “Tap The Bottle”

So now that you’ve decided that drinking is gonna get you through the night, might as well get up with a few friends to share in the merriment and a few bottles of beer.

3. Snoop Dogg “Gin & Juice”

Now that you and your  boys/girls are properly buzzed, it’s time to hit up a party.  Might as well stop by this party Snoop Dogg is throwing.  We hear he’s got some freaks in there gettin it on and they ain’t leavin’ until six in the morning.

4. Busta Rhymes “Pass The Courvoisier (Part 2)” (feat. Diddy & Pharrell)

The party is jumpin’ now!  Kinda amazing to think that Diddy once endorsed a drink that wasn’t Ciroc.  Be careful with that Courvoisier though.  You really shouldn’t drink a dark liquor after drinking all that gin.

5. T-Pain “Buy You A Drink”

Now that you’ve gotten a bit of liquid courage running through your veins, you might as well go talk to that girl/guy you’ve been keeping your eye on all night.  Offer to buy him/her a drink.  It wouldn’t hurt.

6. J-Kwon “Tipsy”

It’s about 1AM now, and everybody at this party is buzzing. Time to hit the dance floor.

7. Jamie Foxx “Blame It”

It’s okay.  Everybody has at least one drunken tale of doing something while drunk that they’d normally not do. Just take a cue from Jamie Foxx and blame it on the alcohol. We won’t tell anyone about who we saw you run off to the corner with.

8. MF Doom “One Beer”

Say what?  There’s only one beer left?  Sounds like this party is starting to wind down…

9. Thug Life “Pour Out A Little Liquor”

So you’re standing outside of the party.  Your friends are holding you up because you can barely stand on your own, and for some reason that bottle of water one of your boys gave you is half empty because you keep pouring some out on the ground “for the brothers who ain’t here” thinking it’s full of vodka. It’s time for you to go home.

10. EPMD “You Had Too Much To Drink”

You overdid it, holmes. We’re sending you the cleaning bill for that mess you made in the backseat. Next time warn us. We’ll pull the car over!

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