XXL Magazine is the mecca for all things hip-hop. The respected Mag launched their first Iphone App recently that can be beneficial to any hip-hop lover. Not only does it deliver news, it promotes new artistry. The app allows for record execs to hear submitted music from up-coming musicians. The senior VP of A&R at Island Def Jam says “This app will allow me direct access to artists really looking to be heard.”
“XXL Magazine is proud to announce the launch of their first official and exclusive iPhone app, which features six special functions including a hip-hop news feed, lifestyle trends, “Where They At?” geo-tracker for finding friends, plus special Twitter functions and the ultimate hip-hop trivia.
The free app also features a unique application called “Ready or Not,” which allows consumers to use the iPhone’s voice recorder to upload their own creative 30-second freestyles to be judged by celebrity guest judges such as Lloyd Banks and Sha Money XL, senior VP of A&R at Island Def Jam, to name a few, creating essentially a hip-hop version of “American Idol.
“It’s very hard for a new artist to get discovered even with the Internet as prevalent as it is these days,” says Vanessa Satten, XXL’s Editor-in-Chief. “Singers have American Idol but aspiring rappers have limited outlets. ‘Ready or Not’ lets aspiring rappers get heard by those who can actually help launch their career.  Established artists, label A&R executives, XXL editors and industry heavyweights will all be reviewing submissions.  We believe this can be a really important tool for hip-hop.”  Sha Money XL”
Click here, to download the app

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