Gucci Mane‘s new album, The Return Of Mr. Zone 6, dropped today, and our friends over at The BVX gave it a spin.  They also put together a list of the 7 most ridiculous lines from the album.

1. ’24 Hours’

What he’s talking about: “I’m f***in’ wit a white girl you can call me Ice T/ ‘Cause I got my crystals on you can call ’em Spike Lee…”

What it sounds like: In trying to express how he never sleeps and is always on his grind, Gucci makes a number of comparisons that don’t make a lot of sense.

2. ‘Better Baby’

What he’s talking about: “I know that I need her/ But I don’t know how to treat her…Though I wanna keep her/ Be jealous if she leave, uh…”

What it sounds like: Relying on the word ‘her’ (sounding like ha) as the rhyming word in each line of the chorus kind of makes what was intended to be a trap star’s version of a tender love song feel like a parody of an early Juvenile track.

3. ‘I Don’t Love Her’ (Feat. Rocko and Weebie)

What is he talking about: “Polo to the floor, Ralph down like Carlton/ Try the CO, they gone put you on a carton…”

What it sounds like: Gucci might have been drawing on his recent incarceration with this random couplet in a song about loving some things about his lady, but surely he wasn’t wearing those fancy threads behind the walls.

Peep the rest of the list over at!

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