Batman Arkham City

Have you played Batman Arkham Asylum? No? Stop reading and play it now. Once your done, this game should be out and you can buy it too. Ok, it may be too early to tell, but Asylum was so good I have high hopes for Arkahm City. Judging from the trailer, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed either.

Captain America: Super Soldier

To be honest, I was afraid of this. Captain America wasn’t my favorite character, but he wasn’t my least favorite either. Never really liked how he was the embodiment of everything “good” which really meant blond, blue eyed, and American. However, after reading the Ultimates Comics with good ole Steve Rogers re-imagined I began to gather more interest. I saw this trailer back at be honest, it’s not half bad. Strangely enough, the combat system sort of reminds me of Batman Arkham Asylum a bit. Very curious and can’t wait to give it a try.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

I love flight syms…especially really arcade-like ones. When it gets too real, it kinda takes the fun out in my opinion, but not to worry with the new Ace Combat game. It looks so much more gritty, and the flight combat system with “Steel Carnage” as they call it looks darn right awesome. You really feel like you are doing cool moves with the different camera angles and the machine gun is finally worth switching to. Judging from the trailer – this will probably be the best flight game of the year.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Metal Gear anyone? Ok, my bad, but the stealth and the heavy emphasis on tech begs the comparison. However, the stories are completely different and I am quite intrigued. The game looks like a thinking man’s game, however, thankfully, the weapons look great so you won’t be bored to death by rambling story line. I’ve never played the original, but count me on this go-round.

Mortal Kombat

Remember when you were either a Street-Fighter guy or a Mortal Combat guy? Then it seemed like Street-Fighter took the crown for a while. Well, it looks like the folks over at Warner Bros. have something to say about that. they have revamped the characters and even added new surprises. Will definitely be a great alternative to the other fighting games out there.

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