The 1983 film Scarface will forever have a place in the hearts of rappers who have incorporated dialogue and imagery from the movie into their projects for years.  But will an upcoming 30th anniversary Blu-Ray release of the film have a place in their homes?

Celebrating Black Marriage Day 2011

Universal Studios Home Entertainment certainly hopes so, as they are releasing a hefty limited edition of the movie that will feature a documentary on the film’s impact on culture, a scorecard feature that helps you keep track of how many times the F-word is said as well as how many bullets whizz by on the screen, a digital copy of the film, a copy of the original 1932 black-and-white Scarface film, a new edition of the film, and a hand-painted humidor.

Sounds cool, right?

The upcoming release, limited to 1,000 copies, will retail for $999.99 when it is released on September 6th.

Spotted @ MovieLine

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