This #@$! is getting absurd. All of this is audio hosted on ZShare, so download or listen to it ASAP, before the NY Dept. of Corrections takes it all down!

As the feud between rappers 50 Cent and Rick Ross escalates, both rappers took time out yesterday (February 2) to speak with infamous New York City radio station, HOT97.

The ongoing beef between the rappers reached new heights yesterday (February 2) when 50 Cent released a video with himself and Rick Ross’ baby mother Tia. In the video, Tia discusses Rick Ross’ personal life including his stint as a corrections officer. After her impromptu interview with 50 Cent, Tia and her friend are then treated to a small shopping spree courtesy of 50 Cent.

You had your people contact my baby mama…you gotta understand she has never made more than $300 a week in her life,” Rick Ross explained to HOT97’s Miss Info. “Would I stand between her making a few dollars with this monkey? Of course not.”

Rick Ross continued his verbal tirade against 50 Cent, declaring that the Queens rapper “doesn’t count in the South.”

We not gonna let “Curly” distract us from the fact ‘Mafia Music’ ended his career,” Rick Ross continued. “The man has not charted a #1 record in Lord knows how long. He makes Dr. Dre look like a [fool]. I got Cool & Dre. Eminem is a genius. The worst move he could’ve done is be affiliated with such a monkey. He’s [50 Cent] a parody of Hip Hop. I’m speaking from the streets.”

Later that night, 50 Cent called into Funkmaster Flex’s radio show to respond to Rick Ross’ phone call and give his thoughts on the feud.

He told me I got 48 hours to come up with something better than what I just came with,” 50 Cent said referring to Rick Ross’ challenge. “I came with something better.”

Ironically, both rappers plan on releasing albums this spring with 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct being released in March and Rick Ross’ Deeper Than Rap in April.

Check out the audio below:

50 Calls Flex, Pt. 1

50 Calls Flex, Pt. 2

50 Calls Flex, Pt. 3

Oh, wait, I forgot to mention that Rick Ross calls into New York’s own Miss Info to talk shop:

Ross Calls Miss Info, Pt. 1

Ross Calls Miss Info, Pt. 2

With some bonus audio thrown in for good measure:

Miss Info & Flex Discuss Curtis vs. Rawse!

Kudos for Nah Right and YN ( and HipHopDX for the links.


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