Those wacky Odd Future kids are in the middle of a major bidding war among several record labels, and they are using it to their advantages.  The California collective have been making some rather odd (no pun intended) demands for those who wish to meet with them.

Offers are reportedly coming in from Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation, Steve Rifkind’s SRC, Diddy‘s Bad Boy, and Jimmy Iovine’s Interscope to sign the dozen-or-so member crew to a record deal.

The group is taking advantage of the attention from these industry heavyweights by demanding certain things before taking meetings with them.

“If you are serious about the meeting, I want Randy’s Donuts, swivel chairs and a megaphone,” the group’s leader Tyler, The Creator, allegedly told SRC’s Steve Rifkind.  Diddy reportedly brokered the now legendary meeting between Tyler and teen pop superstar Justin Bieber at Tyler’s request.

The group has also asked many of these industry big wigs to meet on their home turf – the Supreme Skateboard Shop in Fairfax, CA.

We still aren’t sold on the group’s musical prowess, but we love their crazy antics.

This is rock-n-roll, folks!

Source: NY Post

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