Jim Jones’ partner Chrissy and Fabolous’ baby-mother Emily B. visited The Breakfast Club to talk about Love & Hip Hop, Somaya Reece, and Jim Jones. Emily B denied rumors about dating corner back Darelle Revis and Chrissy discusses sending Jim Jones and his goons after Somaya Reeces’ manager. To her defense, I agree with her telling Jim about the incident–“Imagine him watching that on TV, and me not telling him who gets down like that in a partnership?” What I think she should have done, is told him in a better/ private way, but she definitely should have told him. Chrissy also mentions why she proposed to Jim Jones.

“Jimmy takes care of me because I am worth it!”

Watch the altercation here: Jim Jones Confronts Somaya Reece’s Manager [VIDEO]

Drama On Love & Hip Hop, Somaya Reece & Chrissy Go At It! [VIDEO]

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