Mediatakeout dusted off their old VHS collection and found a B-movie starring “Love And Hip-Hop’s” Somaya Reece going topless. The video vixen turned aspiring rapper played one of the  good-time girls named Luci in a wrestling flick called Slammed CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTOS

It’s ironic that she was in a wrestling movie because her career thus far has been patterned after the WWE. Everyone from Tila Tequila to Joe Budden has been in some kind of public feud with this woman who has appeared in a commercial for Pepsi and recorded a few music videos. On “Love & Hip-Hop” Somaya has been in a televised beef with Jim Jones’ wifey Chrissy and the Capo had to put her manager in his place on a recent episode. Can’t we all just get along?


Chrissy Talks To The Breakfast Club About Somaya Reece & Proposing To Jim Jones

Drama On Love & Hip Hop, Somaya Reece & Chrissy Go At It! [VIDEO]

Jim Jones Confronts Somaya Reece’s Manager [VIDEO]

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