Russell Simmons, newly appointed Editor-in-Chief of, today called out to FOX News personality Bill O’Reilly, noted Premiere Radio syndicated personality Rush Limbaugh and American music/culture syndicated columnist and critic Stanley Crouch to write a personal blog geared to the hip-hop audience of artists, fans, and executives alike. Reaching an audience of millions, welcomes the three noted critics of hip-hop culture to join their celebrity blogger initiative as a channel to voice their opinions and speak directly to the community.

Simmons currently has a blog on the front page of the site, announcing this call specifically to Bill O’Reilly and encourages the community to leave comments on his post to show their strong views and passion behind this topic. In his posting, Simmons states: “For far too long Bill has used The O’ Reilly Factor on Fox News to spew inaccurate statements and ideological taunts about hip-hop. Rather than speaking indirectly to us using the code of right wing rhetoric, I am giving Bill O’ Reilly a straight-up opportunity to come out of the Spin Zone and speak to millions of hip-hop supporters and leaders about whatever he may feel is important.”

Known for generally taunting aspects of the hip-hop culture, from lyrical content to actions by artists to their lack of positive influence on society, each personality has never spoken to this target audience with a direct approach and means in which the hip-hop community can directly respond back with their thoughts on the topics discussed and criticized. With the hip-hop generation responsible for the largest youth voter turnout in American history during this past election, Russell aims to give them a voice to show how they are making a difference and bridge the communication gap between them and personalities such as O’Reilly, Limbaugh and Crouch.

Global Grind recently announced a roster of celebrity bloggers featured on the site, ranging from the likes of artists as John Legend and Ne-Yo to industry executives such as Brett Ratner, film and music video director, and Kevin Liles, Executive Vice President of Warner Music Group. The site also features Reverend Run’s widely anticipated Daily Words of Wisdom, political commentary by Dr. Benjamin Chavis and an array of guest bloggers such as Michael Steele, the Chairman of GOP, to post their thoughts and reactions to a variety of topics ranging from lifestyle, music, sports, politics and more. It allows celebrities to stay in tune with their fan base through a media platform that is linked to media, artist and social networking sites, while allowing users to get fresh content from their favorite celebrities/personalities and opinion leaders.

SOURCE: Press Release

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