Soulja Boy‘s latest music video, “Zan With That Lean,” is little more than an ode to getting bent off of that drank.  In the clip, Soulja Boy sips from his cup and puffs away on weed like he’s the reincarnation of Lil Wayne circa 2009.

We can’t be the only ones that are a little disturbed by such an explicit celebration of the drug that claimed the lives of hip-hop legends like Pimp C of UGK and DJ Screw. But with our celebration of the weed habits of those like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, and the love that acts like underground faves like The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and Odd Future are getting for their drug induced musical fantasies, we aren’t surprised.

We will say that we look forward to the inevitable hip-hop edition of Celebrity Rehab that we’re certain is coming down the pipeline…

Soulja Boy’s Juice mixtape drops on April 20th.

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