Carolina rapper Caktuz & Liverpool ‘queenpin’ Gia smash mix their UK heater “Dose It” with Odd Future rhyme animal Earl Sweatshirt’s “Drop”, from his latest mixtape Earl (Named Best Mixtape Of 2010 by Complex Magazine).

Timely move by Caktuz with Earl & those Those wacky Odd Future kids in the middle of a major bidding war among several record labels, such as Roc Nation, SRC, & Bad Boy. After tearing down stages from SXSW to Cochealla, the Odd Future stock just went up.

Not too far behind the OFWGKTA, Caktuz sets off abroad in May for his Today The World tour with Gia, Akala, and Brooklyn MC Cavalier of the New Rap Order.

DOWNLOAD LINK>> Twitter Search>> #OFWGKTAtremix

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