Bacteria found in the hot tub at the legendary Playboy Mansion has been identified as the cause of an outbreak of legionella bacteria that affected a number of people that attended a fundraiser at the house.

Several people became sick with respiratory illness after DomainFest’s February 1-3 conference which ended with a fundraiser at the Playboy mansion.  Health officials suspected legionellosis as the cause. A severe caseof legionellosis is also known as Legionnaires’ disease.

Public health officials contacted 439 people who were in attendance.  Of those, 123 people reported fevers and at least one other symptom.  Sixty-nine of those people became sick on the same day.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued a statement regarding the outbreak:

Though Legionella bacteria was identified in a water sample taken from the Playboy Mansion, this bacteria has not been determined as the source of the respiratory outbreak. Other potential causes under investigation include influenza, as three individuals who attended the conference tested later positive for the flu. However, the cause of the outbreak has not been conclusively determined at this time,” the statement said. “Investigations such as this one can take several months.

Is anyone else surprised that there’s diseases floating around in the Playboy Mansion’s hot tub?

Source: L.A. Times

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