In 2009, Eminem unleashed a verbal attack on Mariah Carey after she released the music video for her hit song “Obsessed.” In the video, Mariah dressed up in grey sweats and Eminem’s signature snap back hat to spoof the rapper. It only turned ugly from there when Eminem released a diss record against her and hubby Nick Cannon–claiming he had slept with Mariah and ejaculated on her stomach. Nick Cannon later challenged him to a duel boxing match, but nothing came of the offer. After two years Cannon is re-opening the flood gates to rile up a beef that seemed squashed.

Nick Cannon is returning to TV with an hour long comedy special Nick Cannon:”Mr. Showbiz” where he comes at Eminem during a rap segment:

“Now once upon a time in a far away life,” Nick raps using Slick Rick’s tone of voice. “There lived a young man who was so outstanding, to make it interesting it’s me, Nick Cannon — Now here’s a little something that needs to be heard/Yo I’ma serve this clown, now/Word, Nick?/Word/I don’t know if I should hit him because he’s feminine Slick, excuse me Eminem why you lying on your d*ck?/Erectile dysfunction, you wanna get ’em up — I see your mouth moving but you soft, Teddy Ruxpin/I tried to holla at you at the BET show, but you were scared of the trouble/More security than the Pope/And while you was in your bubble, I was rolling dolo, any time your face is in the streets is some signs for promo/Oh no, there’s been a mistake, see my name is Slick Nick, not Shady Flakes/I’ma mop you up with my wop like it’s ’88…” (“I’m A Slick Rick”)

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