Prodigy of Mobb DeepIn Prodigy‘s new autobiography, My Infamous Life, he reveals that his partner in Mobb Deep, Havoc, had asked him to drop a verse on a song he was producing for The Notorious B.I.G. called “Last Day.”  Prodigy responded by saying that he thought Biggie was corny.

Complex Magazine recently caught up with Prodigy and asked him about that portion of the book, and Prodigy graciously explained his train of thought at the time.

When Havoc was talking about producing “Last Dayz” in the book and he was telling you to get on it, I was surprised that your reaction was that Biggie was corny.
A lot of people was feeling him, I just wasn’t feeling him. Another thing is that, I used to take things real personal. I was real serious when it came to rapping. I still do, but even more so when I was real young. I was on some other sh*t dun.

I wasn’t f*cking with nobody else but Mobb Deep. I had tunnel-vision, straight up. I ain’t see nothing but Mobb Deep. I ain’t hear nothing but Mobb Deep. And n*ggas can’t f*ck with Mobb Deep. That was my opinion, how I was thinking, and my life. Mobb Deep, f*ck everybody else. So when I used to hear certain sh*t that Biggie used to say, he used to take some of my lines from my lyrics, and use them. That used to p*ss me off, because I was like, “Damn, this n*gga just bit my sh*t.”

Like what lines?
Like “N*ggas bleed just like us,” that’s my sh*t, and certain other things. But at that time it would p*ss me off, but now when I look back at it, it’s a compliment. He wasn’t trying to steal. He was basically kind of like a fan. And now I realize because I feel the same way about him. And I feel the same way about certain other rappers too. Just had a different mentality back then. It was little things like that.

Prodigy’s autobiography, My Infamous Life, is in stores tomorrow, April 19th.

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