Beyoncé’s new single “Girls (Who Run The World)” is here.  A snippet of the lead single from Beyonce’s fourth album leaked a few days ago.

We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed your break from seeing Beyoncé everywhere, because now she’s about to worm her way up into our everyday lives again for longer than any of us would like her to.

But it’s fine. We’re tired of Rihanna‘s forehead taking up valuable browser window space and hearing that “singing” “voice.” If we had to choose between hearing Rihanna unconvincingly sing about freaky sex in that froggish squeak of a voice or Beyoncé doing her specialty: howling melodramatic Diva Power anthems, we’d choose the wolf over the frog anyday.

Anyway… It was a nice little vacation while it lasted.  This new song of Beyoncé’s, “Girls (Who Run The World),” is pretty awful. It’s severely lacking in actual song structure and feels like the song that never ends. The one thing about it that we like is that it’s built around the drums from Major Lazer’s 2009 single “Pon De Floor,” a song we still aren’t tired of hearing (and watching).

“Girls (Who Run The World)” fails at its blatant mission to wake up long dormant feelings of female empowerment in bored housewives, teenaged girls, sloshed college co-eds, and faaaabulous gay men all over said world through meaningless yet endlessly repeatable lyrics. It may have worked for “Single Ladies,” but its not working for “Girls.”

And what does it mean when 10-year-old  Willow Smith drops a hotter song than you?

UPDATE: The version we previously posted wasn’t the final version.  Here’s the version you can buy on iTunes right now:

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