Last night on “Love & Hip-Hop” the moment fans and viewers have been talking about for weeks finally happened; Chrissy Lumpkin popped the question to her boyfriend Jim Jones. After dating for six years Chrissy wasn’t going to wait around for The Capo to ask her and took matters into her own hands.  She went to his jeweler and picked out a  $12,000 engagement ring spring on him at a party announcing a “career change” for her. With Olivia at her side she squeezed into a skimpy, studded bustier and lace body stocking to set the mood, but had second thoughts.

“I feel like he deserves more than a striptease before somebody asks him to marry him,” she says before scrapping the idea.  Chrissy finally gets up the nerve at the 18:40 minute mark.

What do you think? Is it cool for a woman to ask a man to marry her? Fellas, did your girl propose? Let us know in the comments!


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