In an excerpt from his autobiography “My Infamous Life” rapper Prodigy recalls confronting Jay-Z during a trip to Justin’s restaurant in 2001. The Mobb Deep member says he was dancing with raptress Queen Pen, who he had done a song together in the past, when the DJ  announced that Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri were in the restaurant.  Prodigy and Jay were in the midst of a little “feud” a so P said that he wasn’t “going to let Jay-Z leave without dealing with us first.”

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Prodigy writes that one of his cohorts Kiko had a gun on him and wanted to shoot Jay-Z, but Prodigy insisted that they were only going to beat Mr. Carter up. Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri had their body guards in tow but Prodigy and his friends lined up at the door waiting for him.

Jay-Z has spoken about this meeting before in interviews but  listen to the audio of Prodigy giving his side of the story  CLICK HERE for the exclusive at

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