Happy 4/20 to all the smokers. Today is a serious holiday to those that smoke weed so I decided to take a survey. I took to my Twitter and Facebook page to see what type of weed is most popular and got all sorts of replies. While trying to see what is the most popular type of weed now days, the topic of people not knowing exactly what they are smoking came up. I decided to throw some knowledge out there about the names and what is actually in your bag of weed. People refer to marijuana with many different terms but some of those terms are used depending on what the weed is laced with. Every place has their own slang so the terms also vary on geographic region.

I recently learned there is a type of marijuana named “Jim Jones” that is laced with cocaine and PCP.  You also have something called “Juice Joint” which is weed laced with crack and if someone ask you to smoke “Purple Rain,” don’t do it! Its laced with embalming fluid and PCP.  Just a few examples of types of weed you could be smoking and not know what is in it. You can heck out the full “Marijuana Slang Dictionary” list for yourself. Back to the type of weed everyone is smoking. What seems to be the most popular right now is Kush. Check out the top 100 most popular types of weed. I notice Kush is mentioned by several rappers. Are people smoking what they hear their favorite rapper speak about without knowing what is actually in the weed?  You just can not go around smoking different types of weed just because you heard your favorite rap artist talking about it. You may not like a little bit of crack in your blunt but I guess some people do. Check out TypesOf and a few of the photos below.

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