Kid Cudi may have been known as the Lonely Stoner in recent years, but his recent announcement that he’d given up smoking weed caught many of his fans off guard. At a recent concert, Cudi revealed his reasons for breaking up with Mary Jane.

“You know how some people can take a smoke and they’re good, they do it for recreational purposes, sh*t like that. I was the motherf*cker who was doing that sh*t all the time, recreationally, every day, wake up, needed it, all those things,” Cudi said on stage. “While I was in that state of mind I just was missing a lot of shit that was going on in my circle. I just felt like I needed to just take a step back, clear my dome and focus on some real imporant shit. Like my daughter for one, my family, my business, things that are important. But you know, don’t be sad, I had a good run right?”

Spotted @ Dat New Cudi

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