Amber Rose held a press conference in Barbados recently and told press about her upcoming reality show on VH1 called “Behind Her Shades.”  The show will detail the life of Wiz Khalifa‘s girlfriend as she tries to open up a boutique shop that sells vintage sunglass frames.

“I have a reality show that’s gonna come out on VH1,” Amber said. “It starts filming in early June… The shop isn’t up right now, but you’ll see the process I have to go through… It’s not easy to get a store up and get people to come.  My show’s gonna be an open book of my life, my family, my businesses.  It’s called ‘Behind Her Shades’ because I usually have shades on, and it’s everything that’s behind them that people don’t know about.”

Listen as Amber talks (!) about the show, her shop, upcoming book, and more.


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