Having Soulja Boy reprise the role of Tupac’s character Bishop in Juice was pretty groundbreaking, but adding Waka Flocka to the roster is just adding insult to injury. Soulja Boy tells Rap-Up “We’ve been filming here in Atlanta. Waka Flocka’s gonna be in the movie. It’s gonna be crazy. He called, he reached out. We met up with the director. Now I’m almost to the stages where I just gotta finish these last three shoots and then I’ll be cool.” He says he opted for Flocka because “I think it was a good idea to bring him on board because the director was trying to get me to put some rappers in it, and he was naming a lot of different rappers. I just felt like if I was gonna put anybody inthe movie, it should make sense and be somebody that I really got a relationship with in the rap game, for real […] He’s gonna be a member of my crew and we’re gonna be like this upcoming group in Atlanta. It’s gonna be four of us and we’re gonna be going against this rival crew.”


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