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Dr. Cornel West has been making  news lately for his heated dialogue with Al Sharpton over President Obama. The renowned scholar has never been one to hold his tongue and it was no different at a recent lecture at UCLA. Actor, comedian and writer Travon Free attended the lecture and posted some video on his blog FreedomOfSpeech.

“Yesterday I had the privilege of listening to the amazing and brilliantly insightful Dr. Cornel West speak at UCLA with Carl Dix and it was nothing short of inspiring. Given the title of the dual lecture, “In the Age of Obama, Police Terror, Incarceration, No Jobs and Mis-Education: What Future For our Youth?” it was not to be missed. Thanks to my sister being a student I didn’t miss out on such a great experience both as a man and as a black man and it was free. Nothing better than free right?”

Watch part of the lecture below where Dr. West “lovingly” criticizes Tyler Perry, Lil Wayne and others insisting that they “need to grow.”

“I love the brother, but he’s not going to be doing Madea when he’s 65 and 70. He’s going to grow up. I don’t condemn him, I love him and critique him. I say the same thing about Lil Wayne, tattoos and all. I love that negro…Malcolm Little, who was a gangster and a pimp, he had to grow up too.”–Dr. Cornel West


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