Last night the season finale of Love & Hip Hop took aired on VH1 and it went out on a peaceful note. Mama Jones stressed to Jim Jones how much Chrissy isn’t the one for him and not to rush into marriage. Jim Jones, not concerned too much with his mother’s worries, took Chrissy out on a romantic rendezvous which was soiled by Chrissy’s “two-year plan.”

Emily B. was worried about a rumor that Amber Rose was pregnant by her baby-father Fabolous(that rumor was later denied). Somaya and her manager were confronted again by Olivia’s manager who claims they were “f*cking with his money.”

The episode ends with Chrissy, Olivia and Emily B. having a girls only slumber party where Emily revealed that she isn’t happy. I’m very excited to see what the next season brings; especially what happens with Fabolous and Emily!

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