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Former Jay-Z mentor Jaz-O has again struck out against the Brooklyn rapper with the release of his new diss track “Go Harder.”

Jaz raps over Jigga’s “Brooklyn Go Hard” to call out the hip-hop mogul.

Them streets ain’t with cha, half moon head n*gga/Just regurgitated what I spoon fed, n*gga/You then compare yourself to Jackie Robinson, you jack and rob and sin on your own family and friends…Let’s put things in its’ proper place/That ‘S’ on your chest, son give it a rest…You branched out, cut throats/Made new alliances, just so you can stand out/You talk tough but your gun ain’t speak/Real G’s held you down, you were stupid and weak.” (You Tube)

The Marcy Projects-bred emcee is known for publicly displaying his feelings towards Jay.

Yeah yeah, happy birthday n*gga,” Jaz said in a video for Jay’s 39th birthday last December. “I got n*ggas with half a billion talking about me…This is the last time I’mma wear this motherf*cking Rocawear hat and the rest of that Rocawear bullsh*t.” (Forbes DVD)

He also claims Jay was first to spark their initial beef.

“It ain’t about me hatin’. Anybody that knows me personally knows that I’m not an angry person,” Jaz said in an interview. “I don’t get any pleasure in the things I’m saying about Jay-Z. I didn’t say anything about Jay-Z, Jay-Z came and said something to me but y’all too busy having his d*ck in y’all mouth that y’all ain’t really paying attention.” (John Brown)

Jaz-O is credited for helping Jay-Z rise to fame early in his career.

“He is an East Coast rapper, active in the late 1980s and early 1990s, best known for being a mentor of sorts to Jay-Z. Jaz-O is also known as The Originator. (123 Biographies)”

Check out the diss track below:

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