We have been patiently awaiting another single from Jay-Z and Kanye West after the overly anticipated single H.A.M. Both artist haven’t put much music out since the single and Jay-Z blames that on Kanye. “Ye is just in an extraordinary creative place — so much so that I need to get him to focus so we can finish this. But music is his refuge right now.”

Jay-Z & Kanye Grab Beyoncé & Bruno Mars For “Watch The Throne” Single

He also talks to Delta Sky Magazine about the Illuminati rumors stating “I may sound a little arrogant but I just think people can’t handle when somebody is successful. Something has gotta be wrong; you gotta be down with some higher power. And I guess when someone else is successful; it makes you feel like maybe you’re a failure. So it can’t be you, it has to be some other force.” Jay comes from humble beginnings so he is no stranger to the less fortunate. The mogul says “I wish I could have everyone change places for a day. I think that’s all it would take for everything to change. Empathy. It’s easy for me to empathize because I’ve really seen it. I’ve been there so I can never forget that. My job is to speak out and provide opportunity.”

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