A man believed to be stalking tennis star Serena Williams was arrested outside of her Florida home on Monday night.  Williams was in New York City at the time attending the Met Gala.

Patenema Ouedraogo, 40, was caught on the grounds of Williams’ home trying to enter her home before being stopped by security. Ouedraogo had love letters written to Williams in his possession at the time of his arrest.

Williams’ had previously named Ouedraogo as a potential stalker to police. He had previously posed as Williams’ assistant when she appeared on the Home Shopping Network last month. He was able to get to her dressing room before being identified and escorted out of the building.

Williams had obtained a restraining order against Ouedraogo, but it was never served to him as he couldn’t be found. He has now been ordered to stay 500 feet away from Williams at all times.

Source: PopEater

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