With season one recently coming to a close, Mashonda has revealed that she will not be returning for a second season of VH1’s hit reality show Love & Hip-Hop.

“I really honestly did do the show to help [fellow castmember] Emily [Bustamente] and help women across the United States, to let them know that you’re not the only one that can go through something like this [divorce and heartbreak],” Mashonda told Hip-Hop Weekly.

After watching how the show was edited together, Mashonda now has a different view of the program.

“I just don’t feel like at this point in my life, Love and Hip Hop represents who I am, it’s just a chapter that is over.  When I shot the show, I thought that it was going to be like more of a sisterhood, but when I saw a lot of the drama and the beef, I was a little surprised, I was like wow, okay, I didn’t know this was going to be apart of what this is.”

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