Last night Lebron James & D. Wade put a stop to all things Boston in an all out Game 5 battle! The Heat pulled off the victory but James seems to have gained the most from the moment. After most of the Celtics headed back to the locker room defeated, Lebron James embraced Delonte West in a full fledged hug! Delonte West is rumored to have slept with Lebron’s mother a while back, causing a rift between the two star players. It may have been all the positive momentum around or just the closure James sought after being betrayed by a friend that caused him to act in such an emotional way.

“Everything went through my mind at that point,” James said. “Finally getting over this hump against this team. Everything I went through this summer, with ‘The Decision’ and deciding to come down here to be a part of this team … because I knew how important team is to this sport … and all the backlash I got from it.

“I’d be up here for two hours if I tell you exactly everything that went through my head. Very emotional at that point, you know, and happy we got through it as a team.”

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