Anxious Love & Hip Hop fans tuned-in to Vh1 last night to watch Angie Martinez host a tension filled reunion with Emily B., Somaya Reece, Olivia and Chrissy, who all met all together for the first time since viewing all the episodes of the popular reality show.

Somaya Reece and Chrissy Lampkin’s beef was the first issue to be tackled. Do they hate each other? Do they understand each other after watching the show? Does Chrissy feel any remorse for ruining Somaya’s chances for recording a song with Jim Jones? NO; Chrissy established that she felt Somaya’s music wasn’t up to par with fiance Jim Jones and showed no sympathy for the upcoming rapper.

Things began to get really ugly when Olivia and Emily B. engaged in a shouting match over Darelle Revis. Olivia threw a low blow mentioning how rapper Fabolous wouldn’t even join partner-Emily at a family photo shoot causing the cameras to focus on everything but Emily for a short while (I think she was crying).

Olivia’s manager Rich was called a vagina by Betty Page reject Somaya Reece who seemed to gain a few unflattering pounds. Supposedly Rich tried to “put hands” on her at a night club; though he denied causing any harm, his demeanor led me to believe other-wise. Mama Jones and son Jim Jones made an appearance– he was on his best behavior, seemingly sober. Nancy (Mama Jones) stormed about like a child claiming she should have been told about the engagement before her son, the surprise was for him not her–I disagree (sit down, Mama Jones!). She and Chrissy got into a verbal altercation causing Jim to intervene and pull Chrissy back stage.

If there is one thing you can take from the reunion special, it is that Jimmy really does love Chrissy! Unlike other reality shows, Love & Hip Hop ladies are as real as it gets!

The cast did confirm that there will be a season 2, and according to Emily B’s twitter page it may be an hour long!

Chrissy looked amazing, Olivia looked basic, Somaya was a mess and Emily had too much hair in her face. Minus the tears and hideous low-blows, the reunion was actually good!

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