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Imagine physically going to some of the greatest locations in music: Kool Herc’s apartment, Rick Rubin’s dorm, Kanye’s High School, Aretha Franklin’s childhood home. Wild, right?!

As part of our Black Music Month celebration in June, we’ve lined up a partnership with Foursquare to help bring a local, real world context to all the great black music events we’re highlighting. But before the fun REALLY begins, you need to follow us on Foursquare. Here’s why:

1. It’s crazy, hella, super EASY. Go to and if you’re not already a member, click on “Join Now.” You can even log in through your Facebook or Twitter account.

2. You get to be our friend on an awesome social network! Just hit up The Urban Daily’s Foursquare page and click on “Add as Friend.” We’re that new kid everybody likes.

3. You’ll be a Black Music expert by the end of the month and beyond. You may THINK you know all there is – but trust us – we have some facts and locations in black music history that will…just…trust us, ok?

4. Your mom’s NOT on Foursquare. Sure, this has nothing to do with us, but just a reason to be on Foursquare. No “mom comments” on your check-ins. We’re looking at you, Facebook.

5. We have a surprise you can earn if you follow us. We can’t tell you what it is right now – but you’ll want it. You’ll see.

So you got all that? Our page looks like this

Join us in highlighting the Top 100 Rewarding Moments in Music through Foursquare!

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