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On Sunday June 12th Rapper and Actor Ice T will be co-starring in a reality TV series with his wife Coco aptly titled, “Ice Loves Coco.” The E! network will chronicle the couples day-to-day life as they manage their respective business ventures and their almost six-year marriage. In this exclusive interview with TheUrbandaily the couple talks about everything from the reality TV curse, the craziest thing someone has Tweeted and the rumor that Snoop was doing anything inappropriate with Coco.

TUD: What made you decide to do a reality show?

Ice T: We were hounded by E! to do it. People been asking us to do it for a while and finally the time was right and under the right rules and regulations. We didn’t want to destroy our relationship. It’s about our relationship and how we get along and how we handle business.

What is one secret to a successful marriage?

Ice T: You have to admire your mate. You can love somebody but not admire them. If you hold somebody in high regard, if you really look at your mate and go “Wow I really admire what they stand for,” that’s really going to hold true.


Coco: However you met that person the first time, you want to keep that going. When I met Ice I was [dressed] in something really hot and obviously that grabbed his attention. Well I want to keep that hotness going. If he likes heels I’m going to stay in heels as much as possible. I want to do what he likes. You can never go away from that.

Ice T: Also communicate. Keep everything going on in the relationship right on the front burner so that both people know the climate.

What advice do you have for a man whose woman wants to do calendar modeling like Coco and he’s on the fence about it?

Ice T: All guys are kind of on the fence about that. When your woman models or becomes famouse she’s being seen by more people. That raises the odds that she could leave you. Of course when you get something you love you want to lock it away. Hopefully your wife can make you comfortable enough and keep you confident enough. Jealousy has a lot to do with how your wife handles it. If she models then wants to go and hang out it might add to your insecurity. Sure you get butterflies in your stomach because every guy in the world gets to see it; every baller, every millionaire. A motherf*cker might come from Arabia and kidnap her. But if you don’t care you ain’t sh*t either. You gotta have a little bit of insecurity. But Coco makes me feel secure, makes me feel like she’s happy. She doesn’t give me any reason to doubt our love. It helps.

Coco, your “Thong Thursdays” are really popular on Twitter(@Cocosworld). What’s the craziest thing a Twitter follower ever said to you?

Coco: It’s funny when the gay guys come out of their shell. It’s like I turn them. They’re straight now. That’s probably the funniest and craziest thing I’ve seen.

TUD: Many couples like Bobby and Whitney, Nick & Jessica, etc separate after being on a reality show together. Are either of you worried about that Reality TV curse?

Ice-T: I am! But because I’m worried about it I’m aware of it and therefore not going to let it happen. If you’re really in love with somebody you’re definitely gonna be concerned. If you say “Oh no I’m not worried about it” that arrogance will fuck things up. We’re very in tune. We communicate a lot. I don’t predict it but I’m aware of that curse [laughs].

Coco: I’m not worried about it. I think that curse is a Karma thing. If you put it out there it’s going to happen. I feel very secure in my relationships.

TUD: So what do you when you read the rumors on blogs like the one that Snoop did something inappropriate with Coco on Twitter?

Coco: We just laugh at it. Mediatakeout is a pure hater site. They never say anything good about you.

Ice T: This is some guy alone in his mother’s basement some fucking where. What is the matter with them? This should be the nail in the coffin for them. Snoop? Are you serious? He’s a good friend of ours. Last time we seen Snoop was at the Donald Trump roast. Oh, Lord. Snoop might run up in there with his football team and fuck em up cuz me and Snoop are friends. He’s probably like “Are ya’ll trying to get me killed with Ice T?” I’m probably having sex with an alien right now. If you’re going to lie then at least get close to the truth. Get more crafty with it.

Coco: It’s really outrageous. I would never leave the house if I ever read that sh*t, honestly. I think Ice is more worried about it. I don’t read the blogs. I don’t read all that gossip stuff. My life is so fabulous how it is, why mess it up? So when I hear about something like that I know what I’ve done and where I’ve been. But it sucks that the world will see that and believe it. If you keep track of me on Twitter you know everything I’ve done.

Ice T: When Coco says I take offense I’m a man so I am protective of her. She’s protective of me. But at the end of the day you can’t trip off of blogs because it’s unemployed little boys in the bedroom of their mother’s house writing shit. We’ve never had anyone walk up to us in person and say something negative. And that’s all that really matters—real life.

Coco: And in real life the love is overwhelming. All those haters hide behind a screen.

“Ice Loves Coco” premieres on June 12th at 10:30 on E!

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