Sean Kingston is in stable condition after a jet ski accident gone wrong. Cassandra Sanchez was the passenger aboard the jet-ski when it crashed into a bridge. According to Cassandra she and a friend went to the beach to ride jet ski’s with Sean and his friend. The two began to race and Sanchez says they “blasted past them[the friends]” because they were going so fast. Cassandra admitted that she began to get nervous and yelled “We can’t fit under there! Are we going to try and go under there? Sean stop!”To no avail, Sean lost control of the jet ski and slammed into the bridge. “[Sean] was coughing up blood, foam and pink stuff” … and when he finally opened his eyes, he kept repeating the words, “I’m hurting. I’m hurting” she says. Cassandra’s injuries were no where near as serious as Sean’s, who currently has a tube down his throat. The hospital plans to keep him for “for a couple more weeks.”

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