Cassie is better off being a model because speech or anything vocal isn’t her strong point. The Bad Boy artist told Nylon Magazine when asked about her long awaited album “Electro Love,” “It’s a cool blend of pop, hip-hop, and ska. It’s urban Gwen Stefani meets Aaliyah. I hate referencing people but if you had to compare, that’s it.” Cassie may have the biggest case of denial we have ever witnessed; she seems to think she can have a music career.

Favorite song on Electro Love: “‘Lonely Disco Ball’” which is about the end of the night when the party is done and everybody has left.”

Dream collaboration: “It’s pretty unattainable, but I would love to work with Prince.”

On considering herself more of a musician or a model: “Musician because I love being creative and letting myself be emotional in that moment.”

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