Contrary to earlier reports that Kid Cudi was tasered and arrested over the weekend during an NBA All-Star Game party in Phoenix, Arizona, Cudi himself stated through his blog that he was never arrested. The Cleveland native explained that although he was tasered he was never arrested and left the premises under his own accord.

Cudi also explained that he never “put his hands on anyone,” because he was to far away.

Initial reports stated that the scuffle resulted over a disagreement between Cudi and party organizers due to Cudi’s demand to wear Nike shoes instead of Reeboks at the Reebok-sponsored party. Cudi explained this was not true at all and said he was wearing Reeboks to the party.

It wasn’t over me wearin’ Jordans; I arrived at the event in the most fugliest Reeboks ever, forcefully,” the G.O.O.D. Music artist said on his blog,

Although Cudi did say the argument was over something small, he did not elaborate on the issue itself. The rapper said, “I just have a lot of shit on my mind at this time in my life, I let suttin petty get to me.”

Cudi said there will no further updates with the issue threw his camp but rather looked forward to his and Kanye West’s video for “Day N Nite” debut on 106 and Park this Thursday.


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