CLOSE’s illseed is a person in tune to not only hip-hop, but what goes on within the culture. He most recently received an email in regards to DJ Khaled’s mother and it really shows how this beef can become “deeper than rap.”

Check out the email below:

“Hi illseed,

I would like to comment on the whole 50 and at Khaled’s mom thing. I know his mother very well and speak with her on a regular basis. I’m not one to frequent your site, but a friend of mine told me about the video he had seen.

I spoke with Khaled’s mom (almost everyone refers to her as “mama”) just this evening and thought it would be best if I brought this up since it was getting so much attention. Mama is very distraught over this situation. She is worried to the point where she can’t even feel safe. Her privacy was violated and the whole situation was very intrusive.

The day that video was shot Mama was very sick. She had been resting when those BOYS came in to question her. They asked her if she was Khaled’s mom and she answered them, asking them to leave her alone. She had no idea they were recording her.

Mama is the sweetest women you will ever come across, she genuinely cares for people. What is going on is WRONG. No one should bring anyone’s family into the situation. Both of these men should grow up. It was entertaining in the beginning, but now it has gotten to a level that is all too personal. Both sides are at fault and both sides need to GROW UP and handle the matter maturely. I understand that this is how the “industry” works, but to get to the point where an older woman feels threatened in her own business or home for the matter, is outrageous.

Mama also heard the “poem” 50 wrote, and feels threatened by it. I noticed that many people visit your site and leave there input. I would greatly appreciate it if you would help the matter. I don’t know if you really can, but I think you might be able to at least influence the rest of your audience to see that this is getting a bit out of hand. When the matter does not address a person directly they don’t feel how great of an impact it makes.

To see how hurt Mama is by this situation hurts everyone around her. I hope that you can at least shed some light to everyone else on how much this is influencing and hurting the lives of everyone involved. This matter really needs to be resolved before it escalates ever more.”

Source: AllHipHop

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