BET’s hit drama series The Game has found a secure place among audiences. It’s funny, realistic, dramatic and one of the best black shows on television right now. The cast stars Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall but many of the other characters are what give the show pizazz. Barry “Tee Tee” Floyd is one of those characters. His silly but loyal presence around Hosea “Malik Wright” Chanchez has earned him a spot in viewer’s heart. As he enters the world of entrepreneurship we see Tee Tee’s character evolve from a side-kick to a businessman. Tee Tee spoke with me about a prank kiss with cast mate Tia, where The Game is headed and starting a petition to become a regular on the show!

BET picked up The Game and many changes were made.  What were some of those changes the cast had to deal with?

Well for me, I felt like there were a lot of positive changes. We shot a lot more on location than we did when we were on the CW, so the show had a cinematic look – looks a lot better.  I felt like the production value went up a lot more than it was before.  They also got more dramatic with it – got a little bit away from the comedy and went more into the drama, which I liked a lot, but I felt like the fan base gave us a mixed reaction on it.

Do you think that you and TT share some characteristics?  How do y’all differ from real life and TV?

I’m a laid back type of guy like TT is in real life.  But I couldn’t be nobody’s flunky like that.  And he puts up with a lot more than I would ever put up with.  I wouldn’t have ever took that girl back.

Who is your personal favorite character on The Game, besides TT?

I like Jason Pitts – he’s funny.  The way people always say their waiting to see what TT’s gonna do and say, I’m waiting to see what comes out of his mouth next.

You’re petitioning to become a regular on the show.  And I’ve noticed that they also had [Kelly] become a recurring role.  What happened with that, because you were on a lot of episodes before BET kicked in?

I’ve always been recurring. But in her situation, I don’t know all the details, but I think she had something else, like another project going on.  She wasn’t able to dedicate all her time to The Game because she had another project she was working on.  So a lot of times when stuff like that happens, it’s not always because the actor got in trouble or the writers decided they didn’t like us no more; it could’ve been a million different things.

What is something that happened behind the scenes of The Game that no one knows about?

A:  My favorite thing that happened, it was Season 2 back when we still had a studio audience, and this scene actually ended up getting cut out, but you remember back when Melanie was staying with Malik and Tasha, and they ended up kicking her out because she got in bed with Malik?  There was a scene where Tasha was telling her she had to leave and I came downstairs with her suitcase and stuff and I was supposed to try to kiss her and just punk out and not do it.  So every take it was like, “Alright – just close your eyes, pucker up, then punk out and leave.”  So on the last take, I closed my eyes, and I got ready for the kiss.  Someone must’ve told her to grab me and kiss me for real.  So I had my eyes closed, and the next thing I know, she just grabbed me and just wrapped around me and gave me, it wasn’t a real kiss – it was just like a stage kiss, so you don’t open your mouth.  For me, I had just started acting – it was my first time really being around them like that, so it was like, “Oh Tia from Sister, Sister just gave me a fake kiss.”  I didn’t even know about the stage kiss how you don’t open your mouth.  So my natural reaction was to open my mouth.  So I got my tongue out and her mouth is closed, so I’m like, ‘Oh, I guess I’m not supposed to be having my mouth open.’

What’s in store for Barry?

Well first of all, I’m trying to be a serious regular.  Go to The Game Facebook page and to just let them know that they want to see TT every week.  I started a campaign on my Twitter page telling everybody to go to the Facebook page.  And also just hit BET up on Twitter, hit up The Game on Twitter – I’m just trying to let them know that I have the fan base behind me, so that’ll give them more incentive to do it.

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