There is no denying that Michael Jackson made a global impact on pop music and culture. Even though I’m not a die-hard fan, I do appreciate Jackson’s artistic expression through music, dance, and style. The ‘King of Pop’ has passed on but his memory is still alive and well.  In honor of the second anniversary of his death (June 25, 2009), below is a video playlist of some of my favorite Michael Jackson songs.

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5. They Don’t Really Care About Us (feat. Olodum)

During my visit to Salvador, Brazil earlier this year, it was easy to see just how relevant this song is to the Afro-Brazilian people. And their love for Michael Jackson was equally apparent.  In fact, this video plays endlessly in Olodum’s memorabilia shop in Pelourinho, the site featured in the video.

4. Man in the Mirror

Clearly I like songs in which Michael Jackson advocates on behalf of the people. This song and video are truly touching; the ‘man in the mirror’ message is both timeless and universal.

3. Remember the Time

This song is just as lush as its video. True to form, Michael Jackson goes over the top in this cinematic and celebrity-filled video. I like it because I’m a sucker for a good story, especially a love story with a great dance routine!

2. Butterflies

Even though there is no official video, there is no way that I can leave this song off of the list! The ethereal vibe, the vocal arrangement and delivery, the pure emotion—I love this song!

1. Off The Wall

The title track of my favorite Michael Jackson album always makes me feel free, uninhibited, and better than I did before! Whenever I hear this song, I can’t resist the urge to “groove” and “let the madness in the music get to me!”

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