Fabolous got nabbed on his tour bus after – somehow, someway – investigators found over 500 pounds of “mary jane” in the ride. Check out what Gossiboo has to say about it:

“Rapper Fabolous may have been mentioned in a drug bust of over 500 pounds of marijuana which was found on a tour bus traveling through Arkansas on it’s way to Boston from Phoenix where the NBA All-Star Weekend took place. It seems that Arkansas State Police initiated a traffic stop on the tour bus as it was passing through the heavily monitored Interstate 40 near Russellville.

According to Michael Ford of Arkansas Courier, there were no rappers on board the bus, however the two drivers were arrested. Edward Thimas, 52, of Douglasville, GA., and Robert Morris, 44, of Augusta, GA both began to offer information as the police interrogated them claiming that none of the items in the locked compartment on the bus containing the marijuana, belonged to them, but actually to the people that they were transporting.

However, the two were still arrested after they gave the conflicting stories to the police. Thimas told police they were returning from the game in Phoenix after escorting rapper Fabolous (spelled Fabulous in the report by The Arkansas Courier). He added that the two were headed to Boston to pick up another rapper whose name he couldn’t recall. On the other hand, Morris’ side of the story according to police reports, was that the two had taken three rappers from Atlanta to Phoenix and were going to Boston to meet them as the rappers had flown ahead.

Later Thimas attempted to match his story with Morris’, but the police at this time were already suspicious of the two. Officers proceeded to search their bus with permission where they found the pounds of marijuana which the drivers, as previously mentioned stating the the contents wasn’t theirs, but the “other guys’ merchandise.”

The two drivers had over $4,000 in cash combined in their possession as well as an additional $2400 in a black bag. In an attempt to cooperate with the police further, Morris additionally stated he’d help in the investigation because it was the rappers not them who put the bags and boxes on the bus. The two were arrested on drug possession and other charges and on Wednesday received a bond of $200,000 for Morris and a bond of $75,000 for Thimas.

At the time of their arrest the two drivers had over $4,000 in cash combined in their possession as well as an additional $2400 in a black bag. The time and location of the arrest both hint that it may have been rapper Fabolous on the tour bus as the rapper was reportedly in Phoenix on that mentioned weekend. According to the rapper’s Myspace page, Fabolous was scheduled to perform at The W Hotel on February 13th, and Club Phoenix on February 15th. Meanwhile, no official statement has been released from Fabolous’ camp about this incident.”

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