Stacey Dash stars alongside Lisa Raye in VH1’s popular drama series “Single Ladies.” The sexy 40+ starlet reinvigorated her acting career as Val, a hopeful ‘I love, love’ kind of girl. Stacey is featured in Runway Magazine where she discusses staying in shape, upcoming projects and her fashion sense.

On how she stays in shape

I eat healthy, I run and I work out with a personal trainer who does a very strenuous, athletic workout with me four to five time a week.

On her character Val’s fashion sense

Val’s fashion style is constantly evolving. It’s inspired by iconic fashion figures of the past, and she puts a contemporary spin on it. [Fashion consultant] Anthony Williams and I have total control when it comes to the vision of Val’s style.

On her upcoming projects

I’m a mother, so I’m focused on my children and am working on a few projects I have in the making. At the moment I’m building my battered women shelter task force and working on a skincare line and lifestyle brand. I also have a book coming out called “How to Stay Dashing,” which should be released by the fall.

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